SMART Display – The Future of FMCG Industry

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Decision-makers who have data in real-time can better manage their time, plans and are always a few steps ahead of the competition. 

It’s no secret that information is the most valuable resource across all industries. If a company has all the necessary data in real-time and uses it the right way, it will inevitably positively impact business success. 

The same goes for the FMCG sector. The incorporation of digital and smart technologies helps FMCG companies to provide the best possible shopping experience at the point of sale to end consumers and at the same time get the most valuable currency of all – the information about purchasing habits.

What is a SMART Display?

PROPULZIJA’s Smart Shelves, SMART Display Solutions – LIVE Data For Your Predictive Tomorrow, use top-notch technology to track product inventory on shelves automatically. The built-in sensors that can’t be seen by consumers monitor the quantities of stock at all times, giving timely information about the exit of products. 

In addition, the system is integrated with the application for smart devices that shows the current state of product quantities, total sales since the system activation, and product sales at different time intervals, both by shelf position and by item based on a defined planogram. 

Today, when more and more companies are opting for flexible work organization, the need for accurate and timely information about the habits and needs of consumers is becoming increasingly important.

This system provides exceptional real-time speed and efficiency, and business flexibility.

Advantages of smart shelves:

  • Speed ​​of access to information from anywhere with smart technology
  • Accurate data through a pre-generated report on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.
  • Real-time inventory information and inventory management
  • Low inventory warnings to reduce opportunities for lost sales
  • Information on the position and type of products that sell well or an indication of products and positions that sell poorly

Digital Content & SMART Display

What are all the benefits of getting information from smart shelves in real-time while consumers who use them are still at the point of sale? 

Timely and customized communication is one of them. Therefore, digital content integrated into POSM solutions is the perfect complement to the smart shelf system. It is intended for communication with consumers at the point of sale. One of its characteristics is the flexibility and ease of changing the content depending on what needs to be communicated at that moment.

By quickly and efficiently modifying content remotely, at all locations simultaneously, there is a significant impact on reducing marketing costs. The logistics required are just a few clicks, and the communication at the point of setup changes according to the clients’ needs.

The speed of obtaining information and changing and adapting to customers concerning their consumption habits gives maximum efficiency of marketing campaigns and messages that the brand wants to communicate at the point of sale.

Propulzija SMART Display

Propulzija has been producing innovative, impressive POSM solutions for over 25 years. We are committed to constantly improving design and production solutions to help communicate your brand’s values and benefits and attract consumers’ attention in any location.

We provide complete support from idea to relational when creating smart shelves and shelves with digital content.