Solar carports

Step into the future and save on electricity. #ThinkGreen

Why Solar carports?

Save money on electricity

With solar carports you produce your own electricity and save on the energy consumption you pay for.

Environmental protection

Solar energy is the most widespread energy resource on earth and does not produce pollution during electricity production.

Modern design

With our solar carports your parking lot will look modern and functional.

How Solar carports work?

A solar carport is a system of solar canopies which covers parking lot areas for commercial and industrial use. We can create carport solutions that can shield entire commercial parking lots or for very small sections within a parking lot.

We use your existing parking space and turn it into a modern self-sufficient solar system that produces energy for your building and electric cars.

Solar solutions are perfectly adapted to different sizes and shapes of cars, providing comfort and protection from different weather conditions.

Made to last through the years

Solar carports are made for protection from all weather conditions. With a 10-year construction warranty, Solar carports protect cars in your parking lot and power your facility with electricity.

10-year construction warranty.

You pay less for your electricity bills

Solar carports are the only protection for cars that can help you return the money invested with the energy you produce. Supply your facility with the lowest price per watt from any national supplier and take control of your monthly electricity bill.

Solar carports lower energy bills, which result in significant savings for businesses or residential buildings. 

Your parking lot that represents the future

Improve your current parking lot with Solar carports and power your facility with a fully integrated solar system. With a modern carports design, your parking lot looks great up close or from the street, complementing the architecture of your facility.

Installing solar carport system displays an obvious commitment to sustainability, positive contribution to the community and genuine concern for the environment, all while generating power that will make or save money.

Types of solar carports
Type 500

  • Model 500 Solar Carports contains 5 solar panels in one row.
  • hot-dipped construction
  • Eight parking spaces – solar power plant with installed power of ~ 20kVp
  • Minimum dimensions of the parking lot 5 x 2.5 m
  • For vehicles up to 2.5 m high

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Types of solar carports
Type 600

This type of solar carports have pillars placed behind the parking lot with a lower structure and a longer canopy with solar panels.

  • hot-dipped construction
  • Eight parking spaces – solar power plant with installed power of ~ 24kVp
  • Minimum dimensions of the parking lot 5 x 2.5 m
  • For vehicles up to 1.8 m high

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Monitor and optimize electricity production

With the app, you can track energy production in real time. Control and monitor the system from any location for your parking lot solar carports.

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