In the Tobacco industry, point-of-sale marketing plays a major role in sales, and the company PROPULZIJA takes great care of the functionality and exclusivity of the POS solution to meet the demands of the market and clients.

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We are certified by: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, FSC standards

Safety Standards

Following health and safety standards to provide safe working environment

Social Contribution

Through donations, we financially contribute to individuals and organizations in need.


In order to provide our client with full support in the promotion of the IQOS brand, the company PROPULZIJA produced a new concept of the MOPS Mobile Outdoor Point of Sale.

Setting up such a sales facility in an open spaceprovides the possibility of direct contact with consumers whowill feel comfortable at the point of sale at all times- wherever the consumer is, on the mountain, by the sea, by the lake,in the parking lot of the gas station, retail park, downtown area…


You can see video here

The design of space and furniture provides a sense of functionality,comfort and convenience where clients and potential users of IQOS will feel as comfortable as in their living room.

High aesthetic and utility value of the MOPS setup is completed with a combination of quality materials. Customer desks, sliding doors, shelves for products with LED lighting and unique furniture turn this solution into a special way of promoting products and approaching consumers.

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